I live to praise the Lord, to sing about His glory, to worship Him with my Oud, and to thank Him for His countless blessings in my life



Naser Musa is recognized by critics of middle eastern music as a talented singer, a gifted songwriter, an Oud virtuoso, an award winning composer, and a versatile studio musician. Naser Musa has composed, arranged, and recorded numerous projects in the Middle East and in the United States. His recording, among others, include Ya Rab, a praise and worship original songs produced by Key Media for Al Hya TV, “Arabia 3D” sound track: winner of the GSCA award for best score and best sound track of 2010, “Khaliji” (RT Productions): a collection of folk songs from the Arabian Gulf region, and “Christmas and Beyond “(SahaRaneen Productions): a collection of Western Christmas carols and Arabic church hymns. Naser Musa’s name appears on dozens of albums, including contributions on projects for Hollywood with John Debney and John Cameron among others. He has recorded with pop stars Shakira, Beyonce and Michael Sembello. Naser Musa has shared the stage with the biggest names in music in the Middle East, Europe, and America.  Naser’s Oud was heard on the soundtrack of the film “The Passion of the Christ” by director Mel Gibson.

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ناصر موسى. لا تأجل . Naser Musa, La Tajil